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Mobile Final-192My name is Rich and I established NYPhotoNY.com in 2013 and have catered to many individuals, companies, and brands with the utmost dedication to client satisfaction, positive energy, and great vibes. 

I have an excellent track record for providing high quality photography in a timely and professional manner. As a working class artist I have a down to earth sensibility with great attention to detail. I truly love what I do.

My goal is to make every shoot better than the last. I offer fantastic rates as well as high quality images and a pretty damn fast turnaround time. 

I also write for several publications and host a variety of online programming as well as speak in public on occasion plus I love heavy metal, comic books, Japanese wrestling, and The Mets. Music is a must on every shoot!

Keep being you. 

Feel free to contact me about your project. 




“Rich was great to work with. Very responsive and professional, felt completely at ease having to arrange the photo shoot from across the country and leaving it in his hands to meet the clients requirements.”

“Rich is professional, reliable, creative, and prompt and I can’t recommend him enough.  Not only did he deliver on what we had originally hired him for, but he was consistently seeking ways to make the photos look as great as possible.  I was so impressed by his ability to deliver the quantity we needed with such high quality.  We look forward to having him back for our photography needs.” – Alison. Univision

“Richard is extremely professional and has a great eye for photography. My firm hired him to take new headshots for our 25 employees and not only did he take the time to accommodate our hectic schedule by coming on two separate days, we received our shots (retouched and all) on the same day as the shoot and they came out great! We are all very happy with our new photos and can’t wait to show them off when we update our website. Richard made the entire process flow quickly and seamlessly, and greatly exceeded our expectations; he is an absolute pleasure to work with and a genuinely nice person on top of it, which is very rare to find these days. I cannot recommend Richard enough. ” – Jennifer. Aufgang Architects

“Richard is a gem!  He is a skilled photographer, takes direction, captures exactly what you need and does so with grace and without intrusion.  He is on time, follows up and delivers the photos as instructed.  I literally leave him with my clients for the entire day.  As an Account Executive in the event industry I sometimes have several events on the same day.  I trust Richard implicitly.” -Alicia Schiro. Kapow Events

“Rich is amazing. One of the best you can hire. Nothing but positive things to say about him.” – Andrew Zarian GFQNetwork.com

“Richard is talented, professional and does incredible work with an amazing turnaround period. In fact, I was so impressed with his photo retouching abilities on images that I needed for a magazine shoot, that I also hired him to design postcards for an upcoming documentary.”
Titania D. Grace
 Licensed Master Social Worker & Author

“We hired Rich to do a four day job with a large client who needed photography for a large event. Rich knocked it out of the park with his work and we will be bringing him back next year for the same event.” – Bryan Pecelli. Marketing Genome





Wait. You’re not paying me? (Lessons in freelancing.)

What do you mean you’re not paying me!? Those dreaded words screamed through my brain for the first time since starting my business in March 2013. A month shy of two years in a full time photography business I had my first non-paying client. I thought long and hard about what to do. Do I tear this company a new one online with my resources (and there are many), do I yell and scream and leave angry voice mails or nasty emails? (I’m not really that kind of guy) , do I take them to small claims court? (For the amount owed and another day wasted in court; not really worth it), do I show up at their office and raise all kinds of hell? (again, not really that guy – although it’s very tempting) Do I patiently wait outside their building and confront them face to face? (tempting again-but oh so wrong) So what’s the answer? As of now I don’t know. The most I can do at this point is leave polite voicemails reminding them to settle the open invoice and email along invoice reminders.  I can also write. Sometimes I forget that I’m pretty good at that. Award winning some might say.

The big lesson learned here is to protect yourself as a freelancer or small business owner. In my case this was a weird gig to begin with and should have trusted my gut when my client called me in a huff the night before the shoot while I was at my in-laws (Lesson 1: Don’t pick up the phone during family time. Your family is more important than the anxiety driven drivel coming out of someone’s mouth at 7:30 at night) My gut said: “Tell this person; no thank you, please find someone else.” BUT why did I accept? I try to make the most out of every situation and opportunity. As a photographer I’ve walked into most scenarios with an open mind and you never know who you’re going to meet or what you’re going to learn. However, after the fact I felt like I was shanghaied into this job. The dead giveaway? Me suggesting to give the casting process another week to see who we can come up with to better suit the clients idea of the shoot – within budget – only to be told that the shoot HAD to be done in three days. That doesn’t leave much time to find someone reliable. I went with a trusted model I have worked with before, had an established rapport with (if you’re spending all day with someone on a shoot – you gotta make sure they’re cool!), and with whom I’ve created some great images. (Lesson 2: If your client is cornering you into a shoot…walk away. Not all that glitters is gold.) 

The day of the shoot comes.  (I’ll not subject you to the atmosphere) and what should be a somewhat quick and straightforward day turns into a long 10 plus hour day full of micromanaging. (Lesson 3: Don’t let anyone tell you how to do your job.) It wasn’t the worst experience and I can’t complain about what I do because I love it; but it was one of those long days that kind of sticks with you to the point where I didn’t even mention it to my wife. You know the kind. The kind that makes you question what you got into as far as choosing a gig to work on. That being said; the real macguffin came when it was time for post- work. Since the client was being a bit anxious and a tad complainy about the images THEY okayed over my shoulder I gave them an out saying they could by all means outsource the work and I’d even be happy to help them find someone to do the post work and give up the money owed. I was assured that I was to be the one to edit the photos. That means I’d be getting paid right? Nope apparently not. I was given a run around, an email saying “they want to ask for a refund but figure it would be a hassle,” and then your basic stonewalling. Texts nor phone calls returned. Wow. What is this shit?

I can’t answer that.  (Lesson 4: Know who you’re dealing with.) I have been on countless shoots with many people. I consider myself a people person and love meeting everyone. In this business you have to give yourself to your subjects or the gig you’re working on. I’m not saying I’m the greatest guy or the best photographer but I damn sure know my worth as a person and as a photographer. Sometimes you just clash with people who you don’t jibe with or won’t jibe with outside of a project setting. Would I ever be at the same restaurants, ball games, or bars as these folks? Probably not.  They DID refer to the selected model as “a commoner” (cue Debbie Downer face) Do I know not to waste someone’s time? Absolutely. Do they? No, sir. They do not. To me the classy thing to do on their end would have been to pay the balance due and respectfully tell me that they will be looking for another photographer instead of having me complete post-work and simply not pay. Does it burn? Oh yea. A couple of months ago I shot a gentleman by the name of Paul Viollis (look him up – cool guy.) From the balcony of his office you could see every bridge in NYC and then some. And even though his view was from the top; he was by far the most grounded and down to earth person I have met in my two years of working for myself. Why bring that up? We had a short talk about not wasting people’s time or energy and about being direct with who you are dealing with as a business and person. That small conversation will always stick with me as a building block of future interaction with anyone I meet. (Lesson 5: Don’t let your time be wasted)

So what do you do? I think I’ll keep doing what I do and kill with kindness. BUT in the future I may do things a bit differently when it comes to clients. (Lesson 6: Have it in writing.) The bylaws of photography can be a bit vague. Who owns the pictures? Who has the rights to the photos? Without a contract those things are up in the air. I have a vault on my hard drive marked “NDA,” which will never see the light of day. Why? Because I signed  contracts. Do things like this make us better freelancers? As unfortunate as some situations can be; I think they do. I certainly learned a few things not only business wise but shooting and editing wise as well. (I should have hard-coded those damn images!) It could be worse. There are a million things on Earth that could be worse than being owed some money by a small group of shitty people. Does that make it right? No. Does it mean I can get some free self-therapy by writing about it? Hell yes. (Lesson 7: Suck it up. Turn your situation into a positive and learn from the mistakes made) More than likely I won’t see that money owed. (I’d like to thank Lauri Flaquer for some last minute advice as well!) But, the situation gave me the impetus to be more careful in the future, the creative drive to write at least a couple hardcore/punk songs poking fun at the situation, and the clarity to try and avoid similar situations going forward. These are my two cents and I felt like I needed to get it out there. Plus, I get to come up with really outlandish and often Sandler-esque scenarios about getting my money while laughing about it like a teenager with my lovely wife (Hi, babe!)

Thanks for reading everyone. You guys rule.

Love always,




Debbie Downer






Office Headshots NYC

Office Headshots NYC

If you are part of a company or starting your own business then Office Headshots NYC are a great way to give your brand a face or your profile a fresh look.  I highly recommend getting corporate style profile photos done for anyone who has an online or social media presence and wants to add a touch more professionalism.Not only can you use these on your companies website, for for email marketing, Linkedin, Twitter, and any other social application. Corporate style headshots are great for any business big or small. The bottom line is you’re selling yourself as much as you’re selling your brand. Flash that smile, show the gleam in your eyes, and display  the confidence that you need to show potential clients and contemporaries.   You can book your office headshots NYC just by filling out the form below. I offer great rates for on location as well as in studio photos plus a great turnaround time, which includes all images and selected retouches. If you’re working in NYC then chances are you’re stuck in an office all day, why not own it and show the world a great photo of yourself!


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All professionals, recent grads, or anyone with an online presence should have new photos taken at least every six months. Corporate headshots show that you literally mean business and are ready to represent your brand head on.

2015 And Beyond.

This post may almost be two weeks late but that’s OK. That’s what the internet is for. 2014 was so far the best year I have had professionally. I’ve met tons of great people, worked with some amazing folks, had some fantastic opportunities, and became a better shooter. I also adopted a very die hard can do attitude and a more positive lifestyle (which my wife calls “fucking postile” (Thanks Pantera!)  – Aggressive positivity.) And yes I just used parenthesis within parenthesis (I’m the writer here and I make the rules!) I’ve also come to realize that as human beings we are nothing without each other and need to spread love and kindness whenever we can. Here are some things I learned in 2014 that I want to share with you guys that might help!

1) Positive thoughts lead to positive things.

It’s true. If you are constantly negative and cynical your life will reflect that. If you know your worth, know who you are, know why people like you, know what you’re good at then that’s what counts and concentrate on the good  things in your mind, which will eventually lead to better things in your life.

2) Abandon negative people. 

I cut ties with a few negative folks in my life and am all the more happier. It helps. Why be stagnant when we should be moving forward?

3) The harder you work at something the more you get out of it. 

That’s a simple truth.

4) Care about your health because you only have one body. 

I lost 50 pounds in 2014 due to a diabetes scare. It opened my eyes to a few very important things. We should all pay attention to our habits and stick to a goal. We should lose weight and exercise because we love our bodies not because we hate them.

5) Be yourself no matter what. 

I will admit to a sort of crisis of personality during a lot of 2014 between who I was, am, and want to be. I got lost in a bit of a formula and woke up one morning to abandon that mentality in order to inject myself more into everything I do.

6) It doesn’t hurt to be open, loving, and kind. Cherish the people in your life that matter. 

I wear my heart on my sleeve and tell people who matter that I love them whenever I feel like. Spread that around.


A badeep badeep badeep I guess that’s all folks. Those are my two cents and even if one person reading  this got something from it – I would be a very happy camper.

Live Long and Prosper.





Photography Client List

A project well done is of the utmost importance to me. Here is a list of some of the fine folks that I have had the pleasure of working with. 

NYPhotoNY Photography Client List

In 2013 when I quit my go nowhere job and decided to become a full time photographer there was no safety net. It was sink or swim. I knew my passion was photography and wasn’t going to rest until I could make something of the craft. This page is dedicated to my up to date photography client list. I have worked with many brands – domestic and international as well as many agencies, companies, and individuals. This page will be updated from time to time to show you whom I have worked with and delivered complete projects for. You’re in good hands with your shoot as I am an extremely experienced photographer that is professional, punctual, friendly, and determined to deliver a great shooting experience. You can follow me on Twitter for up to date information. My work has been published in many forms and I would definitely like to hear about your upcoming project or any inquiry you may have for your brand.

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Spaces For Rent Manhattan NYC

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Right in the heart of Manhattan I have some spaces for rent that can be used for photography, meetings, get-togethers, parties, product releases, and much more.

Located right in midtown the space is near many bars, restaurants, trains, buses, and attractions.

I have two rooms available with desk/chairs/monitors and one 75ft sq space that can be used for presentations, shooting, media projects.

There are also daily and monthly desk spaces available.

Prices are hourly, daily, monthly.

Contact for need.




Engagement Photography NYC

Engagement Photography NYC

There is nothing quite like a young couple in love. Along with my regular services I do offer proposal and engagement photography NYC. This couple was awesome and gracious enough to allow me to post some photos from our shoot in Central Park. They came all the way to NYC from California for this moment and they walked away happy. Engagement Photography NYC is a great thing as a photographer because we get to witness two people being in love in front of our camera snapping photos that they will hopefully keep for the rest of their lives.

My rates for engagement photograph NYC are very affordable and I guarantee all photos within twenty-four hours via Dropbox at high-res. I will also do post work on any photos a couple may love and want to add to a photo album. Being a native New Yorker has helped because in my experience many out of town couples come to the city for a romantic experience, which lets be be a photographer as well as tour guide. I’ve had a ton of fun and productive outings with clients throughout the city and when the weather gets warm there is no telling how much fun someone could have.

If you are engaged or thinking about proposing then I suggest hire a photographer (preferably me) to capture some great moments of you wherever you choose in the city or around the city. I would work with you to create some memorable moments for you to treasure for the rest of your lives. Plus, the best part about getting engaged is indulging in a celebration afterwards and if you are in NYC there are a million place to hang out and eat!

Contact me using the form below to book your your Engagement Photography NYC!

Engaged Six





Fitness Photography NYC

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Fitness Photography NYC is fantastic. I love shooting fitness; especially in the city I grew up in. I’m always extremely impressed by the fitness models and people I meet while doing these photography gigs. As you can see from the above gallery I have shot a variety of models for a variety of reasons. I’m fascinated by people who are extremely fit but do it in different ways. Each person is different and the way they achieve their personal well-being is awesome to behold and can be extremely eye-opening as well. It personally helps me with my fitness goals and all the Fitness Photography NYC I do is actually personally inspiring by meeting these different people. In 2013 I quit smoking after 10 years and took up running as well as a healthier lifestyle overall. I’m not anywhere near my goal but I will be.

It’s different strokes for different folks. You have to find out what works for you. One of the best things about living in NYC is that people are always working out, running, swimming, doing yoga, outwardly eating right, and creating positivity in the universe, which is a great feeling to fall into and get absorbed in. There is so much out there that is designed to hurt your body and it’s our responsibility as human beings to separate the bad from the good and use good habits in our day-to-day life. I will keep taking fitness photos and I hope at least a couple of you out there can look at those photos as say “Fuck, it. I’m going to get my ass off the couch and get in shape.” or at least put down the soda you’re drinking right now and jog into a better tomorrow.

Check back for more Fitness Photography NYC as I would love to make it a regular thing.