Product Images

How it works

If you have a product you need to shoot for your brand website, Ecomm Company, OR for an Amazon listing you can ship your products to me (with return postage if you need them back) drop them off, or I can pick them up if you’re local. I can also bring a mini studio with me to your location if they are items you cannot ship. Generally, I have a 7-10 day turnaround time on completed images and can deliver shots on a pure white background (Or any color you’d need), styled with props, and lifestyle shots with a model. If you have a styleboard I can look at that would be great as well!  I can do a video for your product as well. Once the budget is agreed to I would ask for a 50% deposit and 50% balance once the shoot is completed. It’s that simple! 

What You Get 

You would receive all edited images via Dropbox or Google Drive at full resolution and resized for the web. Once images are approved I can send your items back to you as needed. I also work with a great group of models who can bring more life to your items. 

Contact With Questions

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or at 646-275-4750 I have worked with many product sellers and if this is your first time doing this I can walk you through my process step by step. Invest in your item and invest in great pictures! 

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