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Hello, everyone! This page is dedicated to articles I have written for other websites as well as places nyphotony.com has been mentioned.

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“Rich was great to work with. Very responsive and professional, felt completely at ease having to arrange the photo shoot from across the country and leaving it in his hands to meet the clients requirements.”

“Rich is professional, reliable, creative, and prompt and I can’t recommend him enough.  Not only did he deliver on what we had originally hired him for, but he was consistently seeking ways to make the photos look as great as possible.  I was so impressed by his ability to deliver the quantity we needed with such high quality.  We look forward to having him back for our photography needs.” – Alison. Univision

“Richard is extremely professional and has a great eye for photography. My firm hired him to take new headshots for our 25 employees and not only did he take the time to accommodate our hectic schedule by coming on two separate days, we received our shots (retouched and all) on the same day as the shoot and they came out great! We are all very happy with our new photos and can’t wait to show them off when we update our website. Richard made the entire process flow quickly and seamlessly, and greatly exceeded our expectations; he is an absolute pleasure to work with and a genuinely nice person on top of it, which is very rare to find these days. I cannot recommend Richard enough. ” – Jennifer. Aufgang Architects

“Richard is a gem!  He is a skilled photographer, takes direction, captures exactly what you need and does so with grace and without intrusion.  He is on time, follows up and delivers the photos as instructed.  I literally leave him with my clients for the entire day.  As an Account Executive in the event industry I sometimes have several events on the same day.  I trust Richard implicitly.” -Alicia Schiro. Kapow Events

“Rich is amazing. One of the best you can hire. Nothing but positive things to say about him.” – Andrew Zarian GFQNetwork.com

“Richard is talented, professional and does incredible work with an amazing turnaround period. In fact, I was so impressed with his photo retouching abilities on images that I needed for a magazine shoot, that I also hired him to design postcards for an upcoming documentary.”
Titania D. Grace
 Licensed Master Social Worker & Author

“We hired Rich to do a four day job with a large client who needed photography for a large event. Rich knocked it out of the park with his work and we will be bringing him back next year for the same event.” – Bryan Pecelli. Marketing Genome