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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy


“No man is an island.”

The saying is very true. If you want to show people your work nowadays you have to get out there on any social media site you can and shamelessly self promote your work. You initial social media strategy should be targeting your in-house fanbase (family and friends) and of course have the content necessary to promote. Anything that pertains to your brand that you throw out there into the ether will stick somehow and drive traffic to your site, raise awareness of your brand, and would no doubt increase business in the long run. If you are doing it on your own without outside SEO help then the hill you are climbing will be that much steeper. That’s not to say it can’t be done!


Having a Facebook page is one thing, but combining that with a Twitter account, Pinterest account,  Four Square, PayPal,  Blog roll, or what have you, would set you apart from most of your competition. Photography is a large niche business and if you are on a coastal city like NYC or LA you are scraping tooth and nail to get noticed. My advice is to hang in there because as a very wise man once said; “The cream always rises to the top.” There is nothing wrong with healthy competition but sometimes you also have to develop a thick skin. However, if you are in another part of the country where competition is not really felt, then you can use varying forms of social media to bring your work to the forefront of your area as well as being renown in another location other than your home town. Most photographers that I’m familiar with are from other parts of the country. I’m in New York and it seems like in a city of over ten million people that 9.9 million are also photographers or at least they are when it comes to their food. Speaking of which, another GREAT social media strategy is a little app called Instagram. It works wonders.


It’s important to Tweet. post, pin, and blog relative items that have to do with your brand and it also does not hurt to interact with clients, other photographers, or anyone in the industry, or anyone WANTING to break into the industry and this means artists, actors, models, and performers. You never know WHO you may meet and what it may lead to. Think about your burgeoning business as an adventure and a good social media strategy is a big part of that adventure.

Thank you all and I hope to shoot you at least once if you are in NYC!



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