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Fitness Photography

I love taking fitness photos. Why? Because it shows how much hard work and dedication someone can put into themselves to get the most out of a new lifestyle or change. It’s inspiring to see my clients make huge life changes and want to document those changes for the world to see. I have shot personal trainers, models, actors, MMA fighters, boxers, and everyone in between. Wake up and get your fitness photography NYC! I cater to anyone who wants some high quality photos of the body that they are proud of. Nothing shows the world you’re ready or how committed you are to bettering yourself than images showcasing the physical and mental changes you have made. When you have your health you have the world at your fingertips. Small changes lead to big changes until you find that you’re the person you have always wanted to be. Fitness is a choice we all have and if you put your mind to it you can achieve great things and feel a million times better than you did when you started your uphill journey to being in command of your health.  Personally, it’s a journey that took me 33 years to start and I’m not looking back any time soon. In encourage everyone to quit smoking, hard boozing (regular boozing is ok in moderation), and eating things that will slowly kill you. Start running, swimming, biking, and eating better. You’ll live longer and love how you feel.  When you’re ready for some fitness photography NYC you know where to find me!

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Let’s pay it forward folks. If you have someone in your life that you want to motivate; now is the time. Help them get to on the road to where they want to be and without judgement extend a hand to a better lifestyle.

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Pin Up Photography!

Pin Up Photography

Pin up photography is awesome. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but there is something innocent yet alluring about pinup photos if done the right way. The playful nature of the pinup photo has been an American and photographic standard since we were able to capture moments on film! One model doing pin up photography here was such a great and awesome sport that we decided to do some Geek Girl Pinups. Being a geek herself she knew exactly what to wear and how to pose. This set set of photos was a hit for anyone I showed and actually would encourage more potential models to let it hang out and let their geek flag fly high. I also included some other pin up photography in this post as well. As always, I encourage you all to click around the site, send me emails, and interact with me on Twitter or Facebook. A huge part of pin up photography is making your model feel comfortable, attractive, and playful. I have written about this at length for a couple of magazines and my word of advice to any aspiring pin up photographer is to have fun, keep your hands to yourself, AND crank out some awesome tunes!

I am also a huge fan of pop culture, nerdery, geekery, and all within. To be honest I’m really into comics, science fiction, and a number of TV shows. Like really into comics. This photoshoot for some Geek Girl Pinups was a no brainer for this guy. This gallery combines a lot of pin up photography I have taken amidst other shoots. I can say that every single one of these models was completely awesome and appreciated the posing and style of pin up photography. I used a large seamless white background for the setting on a few. Fandom has been taken to the next level by lovers of comics, sci fi, movies, TV, fantasy and what have you. Fans also have direct access to creators now through conventions and social media platforms. It will be interesting to see where the state of fandom goes in the next few years. If you use Instagram you can search for a number of cool pop-culture related things in the hashtag search. It doesn’t matter what you like anymore because there will be tons of supportive and like minded fans out there for you to interact with.

I used my Canon EOS 60D and various lenses for this one as well. The editing was done in Photoshop and in Lightroom. If you enjoy these photos then let me know. I would love some feedback. Also, if you ever wanted to book your own pin up photography shoot then I would be more than happy  to talk about it. I am looking forward to shooting some more. Also, feel free to interact with me via Twitter, Facebook, or through! Also, please support this site by clicking the banner below the gallery!



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