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How it works

My Amazon photo packages include any combination of shots on white, shots with a model, stylized photos, and video .

I offer a package rate over 2 items. You can message me at or at 646 275 4750 Thanks!

What You Get 

You would receive all edited images via Dropbox or Google Drive at full resolution and resized for the web. Once images are approved I can send your items back to you as needed. I also work with a great group of models who can bring more life to your items. Turnaround time is typically 10 days from getting the items. 

Contact Me With Your Questions

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or at 646-275-4750 I have worked with many product sellers and if this is your first time doing this I can walk you through my process step by step. Invest in your item and invest in great pictures! 

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Product Photos That Sell

Many folks have main or side E-commerce businesses that sell physical products. Whether it be Etsy, Ebay, Amazon or your own website; chances are you have been in need of some excellent product photos. I’m extremely experienced at shooting high quality product photos on white background – which is an Amazon standard, prop styled, as well as lifestyle images with models. These types of shoots are keys to your branding. If you want to help your product sell you definitely need eye catching photography to accentuate the features of whatever it is you’re selling. I have shot pretty much anything you can think of even the kitchen sink. It’s imperative that you find someone to take those excellent shots that will no doubt translate into awesome sales for your items. You can see samples of my own work here: Product Photos 

Now, I have been shooting product photos for a few years and I always find that there is so much more to learn. Perfection is subjective but quality shows. There’s a gray area between clients who know what they want and clients who are told what they want or clients who don’t care and just need content. The bottom line is that if you have a product you definitely need photos to showcase that product. Many clients make the mistake of  taking their items placing them on what they think is a white background and then using their cell phone to take photos. At some point they realize that their shots aren’t the best and look elsewhere. Hiring a pro not only saves you time and money in terms of loss of sales but it also makes your item a must have to the eyes. If you combine that with great reviews you have a winning combination.

Now original products oft times sell themselves with that combination but sometimes folks buy stock items and rebrand them with their logo. When that happens you definitely don’t want stock photography. You want original photos because your competitors may all be using the same stock factor image. If you want to stand out I suggest creating a style board for your photographer to use as a guideline. There are many ways to get some great shots for your brand.

Here are some stylized examples I have shot in the past:

With product photos your only limit is your imagination. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box for those dynamic shots but also elegant shots on white background to wonders as seen above. I would also suggest some prop styled photos like the shots below:

And to take it a step further I always suggest to my clients that shots with a model are so important to your brand because it let’s your customers know how items fit or look on a person.

I would be more than happy to field any questions about this as well as be YOUR product photographer. Thanks guys!



Product Photography NYC

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 Fill out the contact form below to inquire about your project!

Product photos are something I specialize in. I’ve had many clients and many opportunities to shoot a wide array of items. Clients from all over the world have used my service for their items. A good photo speaks volumes about the quality of what you are selling.  Shipped items have a general 10 day turn around time on high res and web ready edits. That includes shots on white background, prop styled images, and lifestyle images with models if needed. I’m also available to travel to your location with a small shooting setup if you’re in the New York area. I also work with a wide network of models who have posed for various product shoots with great results.  The gallery above is just a sample of some shoots I have completed for a variety of clients. If you are contacting me via this page please be as specific as possible and prepare for an immediate response. Thanks for checking out my work; I look forward to working on your project!

You can reach me direct via the contact form below or on  Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin. 

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PAWW Headphones Excerpt

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Product Photography NYC

Product Photography NYC

Product Photography in NYC

There is something pretty excellent about taking product photos. Over the past year I’ve had many clients and many opportunities to shoot a wide array of items. Clients have shipped me items to shoot from all over the world. Book your product photography NYC! If you are looking to book a product shoot I shoot the items in my studio and deliver high res retouches in whichever background you would choose. I would also cast models if needed and rent locations.

You can reach me direct via the contact form below or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin. 


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Product Photography And You!

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Product Photography In NYC

Product photography in NYC can be a tricky situation at best for photographers as well as whoever wants to sell their products. Sometimes clients just think the process is point and shoot and offer extremely low rates for product photography in NYC. On the other side of the coin there are lots of photographers out there that charge an exorbitant amount of money for product photography in NYC. There needs to be a solid medium between client and photographer before product photography in NYC implodes.

I do a lot of product photography in NYC that is actually outsourced to me from different parts of the country and even the world. Usually, a client will send me their products and I will cast the model. After that I would shoot whatever they needed and upload their product package. I have been very fortunate to have met some cool folks along the way. But, like with anything there are some people out there that just want to rake you for your time because they think that because they are PAYING you for THEIR product photos means they can treat you like a slave. It happens. You have to be able to screen the potential hits from the potential misses. There is a lot that goes into product photography that may bite someone who is getting into it in the butt, which may also lead those less than trustworthy clients to take advantage. I remember my first product shoot and the rate I quoted. After the attitude, rudeness, and haggling that happened before and during the shoot; it dawned on me that I was doing a job that should have reasonably been charged three times more. BUT, I bit my tongue and did my job. Sometimes we have to pay our dues in order to get to where we want to go. Product photography can be a very lucrative side job for freelance photographers. There will always be new product to shoot and clients to help out. Plus, more often than not you will get some take home swag!

BUT, there are some great people out there that have a vision for their product and want to show it off as best they can. I was recently contacted by Taft Foodmasters, which is a certified Non GMO organic/natural food manufacturer based right in NYC. Along with the shoot, I have tried their products first hand and can attest that they are the best vegetarian foods I have ever had. They wanted some product photography in NYC and wanted to use local talent as well as a local photographer. I found the model Tony Cantanzaro, who is also a fitness guru, to match with the look my client wanted. Taft Foodmasters wanted to replicate the gyro ads that populate Greek food stores across the country. Growing up in Queens and having a Greek wife, I was all too familiar with those classic ads. What you see is the final product of using a concept, finding the right face, and then nailing the image in production. It was a great experience across the board.

Product photography in NYC can be a very cool thing because it puts a photographer right in the lap of creativity. It’s also kind of cool to see an ad, billboard, or website that has your photos and maybe graphics on it so you can proudly say ; “Hey, I did that.”

I would love to hear some stories that relate to doing some product photography!

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