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I love shooting people. It’s the main reason I got into this business. Since I live in NYC there are so many great places to shoot, rooms, outdoor locations, rooftops, streets, or even in studio. This is my page for lifestyle photography NYC. Lifestyle photography isn’t limited to capturing people on the street or in their home as you may think but can be used to showcase products, apparel, or a person’s brand.  I have shot for a variety of clients with a variety of models. These photos were all taken in various places in New York with some great people. I find setting to be very important and it helps that NYC is one of the most visually dynamic cities in the world. Whenever I get a client from out of town contacting me they want specific New York looking photos. Recently I completed a fashion shoot for some great folks from Dubai who wanted to bring the NYC street look overseas.  There is always something going on and something cool to capture in the background. I love shooting in Central Park. It’s so big and has a life of its own. I love shooting in Tribeca because it’s so ominous and a depatrure from Times Square. Booking your fashion and lifestyle photos can be as easy as filling out the contact form below and giving me specifics of what you would like to shoot, who you would like to cast if you’re brand need models, or ideas you have for your own personal fashion and lifestyle photos.

My service is perfect for small business owners who are looking to showcase their line of products with some experienced models.  I have a studio space available as well for a catalog feel to your items or your personal photos. Feel free to take a look at my client list to see who I have completed work for in the past. I can work within your budget and deliver timely high quality images.

All photos would be delivered at full res via Dropbox within a day’s time and edits of a predetermined number are usually delivered within 48 hours of your choosing. Let’s connect and create some great images for yourself or your brand. I’m readily available generally within a 7-10 day notice.



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