You Can’t Please Everyone

You Can’t Please Everyone

Welcome to another one of my photography blogs. You work hard and play hard. The harder you work the better the rewards. That is a true statement. When you work toward something you will find yourself building something that is fulfilling as well as creative. That being said sometimes you cannot please all of your clients through no fault of your own. People are people and as photographer we have to remember that. ESPECIALLY as photographers we have to remember that everyone is different and that we are not mind readers.

Client satisfaction is the number one goal for all working photographers. We have to take great photos and deliver a high end product so that we get repeat business, as well a referrals, and establish a great reputation. Sometimes photographers will come across people that do not know how to be people and or polite. It happens. Most people are completely awesome and if you work hard they will give you that pat on the back and a “Good job, kid.” Sometimes clients assume that because they are paying you it means that you are their slave and can be yelled at or talked down to.

Others will just try and tear you down. Why? Because they have nothing better to do or because they are just unhappy with themselves.

Photographers: Do not let these people get to you. You have to remain calm and professional at all times and show the bad apples that you are better than that. Be firm.

Clients may on occasion issue you a complaint about something that could have easily been remedied with proper communication (on their end). When you offer services it is of the utmost importance to be clear about exactly what you do and what you CAN do in post work. This also means that you may have to hold certain clients hands through the entire photography process so that they can suss out exactly what they want. This can be a daunting task because it’s very easy to be dismissive. Be a pro and hang in there. No one is a mind reader.

It’s really easy to bitch and moan about other people but in the photography profession ALL you deal with is people so sometimes you have to take attitudes with a grain of salt. Don’t be a pushover but establish yourself ahead of your shoot so that nothing unforeseen pops up. Sometimes you may have to remind clients that when you order food at a restaurant you can’t talk the waiter or chef into giving you free grub. If someone gets mad that you are charging for extras then let them get mad. It’s not a poor reflection upon you as a photographer at all as long as you tell them ahead of time.

Again, this doesn’t happen all the time but if it does just stay cool and be cool.

Now, bring the ruckus.

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