Product Photos That Sell

Many folks have main or side E-commerce businesses that sell physical products. Whether it be Etsy, Ebay, Amazon or your own website; chances are you have been in need of some excellent product photos. I’m extremely experienced at shooting high quality product photos on white background – which is an Amazon standard, prop styled, as well as lifestyle images with models. These types of shoots are keys to your branding. If you want to help your product sell you definitely need eye catching photography to accentuate the features of whatever it is you’re selling. I have shot pretty much anything you can think of even the kitchen sink. It’s imperative that you find someone to take those excellent shots that will no doubt translate into awesome sales for your items. You can see samples of my own work here: Product Photos 

Now, I have been shooting product photos for a few years and I always find that there is so much more to learn. Perfection is subjective but quality shows. There’s a gray area between clients who know what they want and clients who are told what they want or clients who don’t care and just need content. The bottom line is that if you have a product you definitely need photos to showcase that product. Many clients make the mistake of  taking their items placing them on what they think is a white background and then using their cell phone to take photos. At some point they realize that their shots aren’t the best and look elsewhere. Hiring a pro not only saves you time and money in terms of loss of sales but it also makes your item a must have to the eyes. If you combine that with great reviews you have a winning combination.

Now original products oft times sell themselves with that combination but sometimes folks buy stock items and rebrand them with their logo. When that happens you definitely don’t want stock photography. You want original photos because your competitors may all be using the same stock factor image. If you want to stand out I suggest creating a style board for your photographer to use as a guideline. There are many ways to get some great shots for your brand.

Here are some stylized examples I have shot in the past:

With product photos your only limit is your imagination. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box for those dynamic shots but also elegant shots on white background to wonders as seen above. I would also suggest some prop styled photos like the shots below:

And to take it a step further I always suggest to my clients that shots with a model are so important to your brand because it let’s your customers know how items fit or look on a person.

I would be more than happy to field any questions about this as well as be YOUR product photographer. Thanks guys!