Shoot What You Love

Shoot What You Love

If you take photos for  a living, are trying to, or just shoot around constantly as a hobby ; chances are that not every single photograph comes out the way you want it. There are photographers out there that will spend an endless amount of time setting up and gearing toward that one perfect shot, which is fine and amazing on its own. But, a lot of us are not like that. More power to you if you shoot that way. Most of us kind of go for broke and shoot anything that comes our way or anything we see that we like. Again, not every single picture comes out perfect but sometimes in those imperfections you find a nice little nuance that you really dig. Accidentally amazing shots can sometimes be a photographers bread and butter.

Shoot what you love. Love what you shoot. You can take those two sentences as literally as you want or as figuratively as you want. There have been jobs where I have cringed do to circumstances BUT I will always close my eyes for a second and remind myself that this my chosen profession and I DO love what I do. Sometimes photographers need to remind themselves of that. At the end of the day we push a button that takes a snapshot of a moment forever frozen in time. It’s a beautiful thing if you think about it. We are massagers of the optical nerve and sometimes our photographers will break hearts, create joy, bring laugher, or awe and audience. We are magicians. Do not forget that. Shoot what you love.

Like any profession or hobby you have to take the good with the bad. Whether it’s bad client attitude, a bad day, or just a general lack of energy, you have to learn how to take your lumps and make the most of the situation. You can’t run away from a “bad day” every single time. You need to make the most of what is being presented to you and it’s your job as a photographer to work within your situation and take the best photos you can no matter what.

If you aren’t in love with your subject then be in love with your craft and you will always take better photos than you would have otherwise.

If you are in love with your subject and it makes you realize why you love photography so much, then by all means shoot for the stars and come out ahead of the game with some wonderful images.

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